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softfur rats not currently breeding


  • MALES - $5
  • FEMALE - $10


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softfur rat Babies
My soft babies are sold between 2 and 6 weeks of age.

ASF do occasionally bite when they feel threatened, or ,more often, to protect their young. I have found their bites to be startling, however, usually very minor. Adult supervision is advisable. Individuals can become very tame very quickly and do have the potential to become pets. .
Accessories can include a pvc pipe,metal bowls,chew proof water bottle. A wheel is an excellent addition to any cage since most rats love to run in a wheel. I highly suggest only using metal wheel because otherwise they will chew it to pieces.


  • ASPEN SHAVINGS are relatively safe bedding material but it is not very soft and it can be messy.
  • PELLETED BEDDING is good to use,(yesturday's news cats litter) non-scented and is highly absorbant.
  • PINE SHAVINGS do not contain the harmful Plicatic Acid that cedar shavings have but they contain high levels of Abietic Acid when not heat cured which can cause similar problems after lenghty exposure. If using pine shavings make sure they are kiln dried.
  • NEVER USE CEDAR SHAVINGS because they contain a toxin called Plicatic Acid and other aromatic (volatile) hydrocarbon or phenol compounds.NOTE ALL BEDDING SHOULD BE IN AN PAN UNDERNEATH THE CAGE so the gliders will not accidently eat.

Caging requirements:

  1. ASF do best in chew proof enclosures the approximate size of a 20-gallon aquarium. Other containers with a similar sized footprint may be used but special attention must be given to making sure that the insides of any wood or plastic caging not offer any edges which a rat might be able to chew through. They are particularly good chewers.

    Cage accessories:

      ASF need to be provided with a hide box of some kind that is large enough for the whole clan to fit under. A wheel for exorcise should be provided along with something to gnaw on. Pieces of non-toxic wood such as red alder, aspen or cherry work well for this

      Food And Water:

      1. ASF need for approximately a third of their diet to consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. Offer a variety, (they like everything you might like and perhaps more.) The rest of their diet should consist of a commercial rodent chow such as "Mazuri Rodent Block" or similar. They also relish millet and other seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. Glass water bottles designed for use with rodents are the only way to go. They will quickly chew holes through any plastic bottle.
      2. Treats can include hard-boiled egg,mealworms,grasshoppers,crickets, and fresh fruits and vegetables, variety of baby foods.